Stax Partners with The Association of Art Museum Directors for 2017 Salary Survey

Stax Partners with The Association of Art Museum Directors for 2017 Salary Survey

The trends highlight an industry recognition of the increasing complexity of running a museum and making the arts available to the public, bringing in more funding, and the team you need to make it all happen. This is shown in the data through the growth in compensation for employees in operations, marketing and curatorial positions.

Impact Investing

Impact Investing: An interview with

Speaking with, Stax CEO Rafi Musher and Edco CEO Avi Daman (a Stax DevCorp company) discuss Edco and trends in impact investing.

The New Yorker Profiles BeneStream

The New Yorker Profiles BeneStream: A Social Venture Developed by Stax DevCorp

This recent article in The New Yorker highlights real needs for a lot of the working population and a social venture solution developed by Stax’s DevCorp.

Killing The Electric Car…Again!

Killing The Electric Car…Again!

While gasoline prices remain low, there is still tremendous opportunity for a cleaner environment and more domestic value creation in EVs. And there is tremendous profit opportunities for utility CEOs to generate more profits in a growth constrained environment.

Revenue Generation

Revenue Generation: Fresh Ideas to Help Your Nonprofit Raise Funds

Nonprofit organizations are engaged in a zero-sum game, with more parties competing for a limited philanthropic pie cut into increasingly smaller slices. It’s time to change the game.

Getting More From Your Philanthropy

Getting More From Your Philanthropy: Using Social Ventures and PRIs Within Your Portfolio

According to our research at Stax Inc. 2/3 of the Fortune 200 are on non-profit boards and they average 2 non-profit boards. It isn’t just the billionaires signing a pledge, it’s senior leadership, all the way to millennials. We know that the faster we learn of opportunities to have impact, the faster we can put those to work. Here’s an area that has worked for me and others I know, seeking to have an outsized impact.

Insights to Scale E-reader Technology in K-12 Education

Insights to Scale E-reader Technology in K-12 Education: Context for E-reader Tech in Education

Based on our deep understanding of and passion for education, Stax decided to take action to begin creating a knowledge base to inform school leaders and spur action, so more e-reader programs will be implemented.