Trends Impacting Investment in Oil & Gas Software

Trends Impacting Investment in Oil & Gas Software: How Falling Oil Prices and Shifting Operating Procedures are Impacting Investment in Oil & Gas Software

From extraction, to processing, to transportation, the Oil & Gas supply chain is arguably the most complex of any industry. It is challenging for anyone to understand the complex interlinking of infrastructure, equipment, and processes required to bring the mission-critical energy resource into our homes. The same goes for Oil & Gas technology.

Ag Tech, Data and Changes in the Value Chain

Ag Tech, Data and Changes in the Value Chain: From Farm-to-Fork

Technology is fundamentally changing behavior and power dynamics across the agriculture value chain. Investors in agriculture should look both at how technology is being used to drive value within their own segment of the value chain and at how available technology is driving change across the industry.

Killing The Electric Car…Again!

Killing The Electric Car…Again!

While gasoline prices remain low, there is still tremendous opportunity for a cleaner environment and more domestic value creation in EVs. And there is tremendous profit opportunities for utility CEOs to generate more profits in a growth constrained environment.

Expert Analysis

Expert Analysis: Technology in Fleets

Stax CEO Rafi Musher and Director Brett Conradt write about the use of technology in the trucking industry for Fleet Maintenance.