Stax Chicago Reviews the Newest Amazon Go Location

Stax Chicago Reviews the Newest Amazon Go Location


Unless you’ve been wearing an aluminum foil hat on your head for the last couple years, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the growth and diversification of Amazon. From the Alexa AI system to the acquisition of Whole Foods, Amazon Go is the most recent innovation from Amazon intending to revolutionize the grocery store experience.

Amazon Go serves as more of a fast casual, healthy convenience store type of location than as a traditional grocery store. Instead of fresh produce, the aisles are lined with pre-made soups, salads, sandwiches, and other goodies for the health conscious. To enter the store, one must download the Amazon Go app and log-in with their Amazon account.

In the store, a system of sensors and cameras track items that are moved from their locations. Near the store entrance/exit, a system of scanners track which items are being taken out of the store. Shortly afterward the app sends a receipt charging you for whatever items you removed.

We asked our fellow Staxers to review their experiences at the newly opened Amazon Go location in the bottom of the Illinois Center, home to Stax Chicago.






On a cold, snowy Monday afternoon I decided to grab lunch in the building and tried
the new Amazon Go. Honing in on a turkey basil wrap, I walked out of the store feeling
pangs of guilt as if I was stealing.

The wrap itself was how healthy food usually is, painfully mediocre and leaving you
slightly hungry afterward. However, I honestly would struggle to differentiate this
mediocre offering from those offered at Freshii, Pret A Manger, Cosi, Hannah’s Bretzel,
or the other generic lunch offerings throughout the building. Combined with the lower
price tag of less than $8, Amazon Go provides good bang for your buck. Would I do it
again? Sure, why not. If Amazon is going to take over the world might as well get in
their good graces by giving them $8 two times a week. And hey, maybe the sensors don’t
happen to work one time and you stick it back to the big corporations one turkey basil
wrap at a time.






I went to an oasis, a place beyond belief,
A sacred place of plenty, serving kale and grass-fed beef.
But what to my surprise, as I looked up to the skies,
A complex web of cameras, countless prying eyes.

What could have been pure magic, the start of a love affair,
Turned out as a mirage, a Millennial nightmare.
So, if you’d like to shop hand-in-hand with one another,
Journey to the Go store and grasp the hand of your Big Brother.






Firstly, another Amazon App? Prime Video, Whole Foods, Amazon Go, Amazon; it’s too
much, what’s next?? Secondly, I expected Whole Foods but experienced an upscale 7/11.
As I exited with my collection of overpriced, organic chocolates I felt like a thief fleeing
under the cover of 237 cameras until the much-delayed receipt arrived in my inbox. PS-
Vitamin Water for a $1 is a deal!






Amazon Go is like online shopping but in person. Like an online retailer website, you
proceed into Amazon Go and see nothing but empty aisles and shelves full of goodies and
you prepare to shop in peace. But as soon as you get to the front (page), in the corner
appears that person who says “Hi! How can I help you?” before you cross the barrier into
the shop, and you can’t help but jump.

You quickly ignore the notification and begin your shopping experience. You’re free to
browse as quickly or as slowly as you’d like, undisturbed with only other customers to
ask about products. Then, your checkout experience has become so streamlined, you hardly
have time to convince yourself you don’t really need what you’ve decided to purchase.
And before you know it, you’re back outside the gates, waiting for a mobile confirmation
of your purchase.