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Understand Markets and Customers.

We understand the context in markets, the forces driving change, the pressures that industries face, and the incentives of each of the players in the value chain. Listening to your specific requests and needs, we suggest an approach to match situation and stage in decision making, with the best methodology and process to get you a solid answer, quickly and reliably.

Root Cause Analysis.

Beyond looking at what is happening in markets and with customers; we delve deeply to understand why it is happening and to understand cause-and-effect relationships.


Stax is not locked onto a pre-set hypothesis; we are data-driven. We are resourceful, analytically rigorous, intellectually honest, and draw conclusions based on data. We’re comfortable questioning historic thinking for a fresh test.

With 20 years of experience performing deep dives for clients, we know how to frame questions that yield actionable answers. We are experts at finding the right data (whether within a company or residing externally), developing new information via primary research, aggregating all of this data, and analyzing it to develop actionable answers and insights. Our data-driven work includes:

  • An analytic engine. We are a well-oiled machine in knowing how to quickly obtain the appropriate data to analyze, because we have done this hundreds of times. We know the right sources and have a refined process for bringing together the right data, quickly.
  • Secondary research. Every industry has its secondary research sources, and within those, there is value in understanding where to get the information from each, the pros and cons of each, and how best to utilize the information. The evolving data sources–including industry, government, and social/web-based sources—provide a rapidly expanding set of information to tap into. We are constantly in the field extracting this information, and testing where and how new information can be collected and brought to bear, across industry.
  • Data forensics. In many situations, organizations have a wealth of valuable internal data they aren’t aware of. There is also a wealth of social media and online data across industry sectors. Stax has deep expertise in aggregating data from multiple sources, mining it, combining it with relevant external data, and gleaning valuable insights.
  • Primary research. We don’t just make assumptions or accept existing off-the-shelf research. We conduct rigorous primary research with customers, non-customers, competitors, channel players, and industry experts across the value chain As social media expands in availability, we’re leveraging it to determine lead information, test for sample bias, and incorporate it into the overall information used for analyzing a situation.
  • Data transparency. Our analysis is not the result of some black box. We share all of our analysis, how the answers are achieved, and the fact base we used—equipping clients to do their own analysis if desired.

Fast Frameworks.

Because we are often engaged to perform similar types of analyses (like market sizing, sales resource allocation, or customer segmentation), we have developed a series of frameworks that help client teams see the opportunity and analytic structure we pursue together. Stax’s Fast Frameworks yield fast, granular, actionable answers, without having to reinvent the wheel. While every situation is unique, the process to quickly answer key strategic questions doesn’t have to be.

Work Closely with Management.

The best outcomes come from partnerships with management. Working with management teams to understand goals, actionable outcomes, and resources and constraints ensures high return of time and investment.

Improving a business is a journey that requires blending insights and team management. Any major investment decision requires the team to be around the table with a fact base and analysis. Stax works in concert with our client teams on an iterative basis to ensure actionable outcomes that are fully vetted and a true team effort with management, not a solution imposed on them. In doing so, we use our clients’ time efficiently.

Broadly Skilled Teams.

For each engagement, Stax constructs a diverse team with complementary skills. We create skill-specific teams as needed, to partner with our industry-knowledgeable consulting teams. Skill-specific teams scale up and down based on client and team needs, ensuring maximum client value and content-rich, actionable results.

Strategic and Actionable.

How we do it is best described as both big-picture strategic and highly actionable. Stax helps companies with their most important strategic and competitive questions. But unlike many consulting firms, we don’t provide impractical, academic models and treatises. We specialize in granular, transparent analysis that is rich, insightful, practical, and actionable. We don’t publish books and don’t have affiliated research institutes; we do provide actionable, data-driven answers to clients’ critical strategic questions. This is why clients love Stax and hire us over and over.

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