Searching for the Cure to Healthcare Security

Searching for the Cure to Healthcare Security


Jeremy Wall, Director at Stax, writes in Healthcare Informatics, on how the cyber threat environment should create significant opportunity for managed security service providers (MSSPs) and security providers willing to take the plunge into the complicated world of healthcare.

Selling into healthcare is a complicated endeavor. Particularly selling technology and services into healthcare. First, they segment into payers and providers…

For the payers, Stax’s research shows that some should be nearing the end of their investment in enterprise data warehousing and integration, and they have a lot that they need to protect. They are also comfortable outsourcing large implementations to third party providers and the sales cycle is generally slow. All this points to the opportunity to choose your end target and best partners along the way.

Providers have a much more complex challenge for three primary reasons: broad range of user sophistication, broad user access, and a broader industry goal of more information sharing.

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