Killing The Electric Car…Again!

Killing The Electric Car…Again!


While gasoline prices remain low, there is still tremendous opportunity for a cleaner environment and more domestic value creation in EVs. And there is tremendous profit opportunities for utility CEOs to generate more profits in a growth constrained environment. This article written at gasoline at $3 a gallon still demonstrates the profit potential.

Stax CEO Rafi Musher and former Commissioner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Nora Brownell:

Utility CEOs should see EVs as a way to grow their electricity sales beyond the rate of GDP. With time-of-day pricing, EV charging allows utilities to expand cash flows and maximize existing capacity, therefore increasing both net income and valuation multiples — all while greening their communities. At the same time, regulators and consumers can see that sharing profits from EVs with rate payers would bring down average consumer price per kWh, and reduce the need for rate payers to fund EV infrastructure, because new outside capital can be raised thanks to new cash flows. And everyone should see the value in using more domestic fuels to power our cars. If electricity captured just 1 percent of the market share for ground transportation fuel, America would eliminate more than $5 billion in trade deficit. Bringing just 1 percent of the transportation fuel market to American suppliers would be like creating an entirely new Fortune 500 company — with fully domestic jobs.

You can read the full article on Spark.