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With technology-related engagements making up a majority of our private equity diligence practice, Stax comes to the table with a strong, data-driven understanding of the market dynamics involved in the technology, digital, and media sectors.

Types of Engagements

Technology, digital, and media companies engage Stax to analyze and help grow their businesses in a wide variety of ways.

  • Assessing markets, customers, segments, and competition to identify and prioritize opportunities.
  • Exploring and recommending channel strategies.
  • Identifying opportunities for organic and acquisitive growth.
  • Determining profitability by segment and customer, and prioritizing growth opportunities.
  • Assessing impact of new product introductions and pricing.
  • Testing geographic market expansion hypotheses.
  • Assessing channel fit.
  • Assessing impact of business model transitions; e.g., from on-premise/perpetual license to SaaS.
  • Quantifying impact of sunsetting legacy systems on retention.
  • Formulating new ways to reach the right audience with the right message.
  • Assessing the impact of regulation on technology end markets.
  • Developing go-to-market strategies.

Areas of Expertise

  • Consumer Technology (web and mobile)
  • B2B Software and Services
  • B2B Hardware
  • Cyber Security/Infrastructure Financial Technologies
  • eCommerce/Digital
  • EdTech
  • Healthcare IT
  • Semiconductors
  • Media/Marketing Technology

Examples of Engagements

  • Due Diligence for Network Security Investment. In support of a private equity firm portfolio company’s potential investment in a network security company, Stax determined the size and stability of the company’s market and channel in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. Stax helped shape the integration and growth strategy of a tuck-in acquisition by identifying markets and channel partners where the existing brand was particularly strong. The portfolio company invested, and has driven continued growth, and prospects for a favorable exit are strong.

  • Developing an Organic Growth Strategy. For a software provider to financial institutions, Stax helped the C-level diagnose and reverse a decline in win rates. Stax identified two major issues (and many minor ones), driven by mismatches with customer needs and preferences, and a previously unnoticed structural shift in the types of customers targeted. Investors were able to act on growth levers Stax identified and better forecast future revenue en route to a successful strategic exit.

  • Process for Evaluating Growth Opportunities. For a vertically focused software provider, Stax worked closely with the COO and strategy group to build a process for evaluating new organic and inorganic growth opportunities. Through a series of working sessions and extensive research, Stax helped the client build a multi-level stage-gate process, and then trained client team members on the research and evaluation process. This company was subsequently sold to a strategic buyer in a highly successful deal for investors and senior leadership.


With more than two decades of experience across multiple industries, segments, and geographies—including all parts of the technology, digital, and media industries—Stax is able to analyze the latest market trends and develop relevant insights and actionable strategies. Stax understands the type of information that companies and private equity firms need to make more informed investment decisions, and the kind of strategic assistance that portfolio companies need to increase their value.

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