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Stax works across the industrial and manufacturing spectrum, with deep and ongoing experience within many major segments. From local mid-market manufacturing companies to multinational industrial corporations, clients rely on Stax's insights to help them grow their business. We use our targeted, data-driven approach to help clients all along the value chain.

Types of Engagements

Industrial & manufacturing companies engage Stax to analyze and help grow their businesses in a wide variety of ways.

  • Assessing markets, customers, segments, and competition to identify and prioritize opportunities.
  • Understanding channels and end markets.
  • Determining profitability by segment and by customer, and using insights to prioritize growth opportunities.
  • Identifying opportunities for organic and inorganic growth, and joint ventures.
  • Discovering unmet needs, untapped pockets of opportunity, and areas for focused innovation.
  • Conducting multi-country market analysis to prioritize best geographic opportunities.
  • Analyzing markets and sales force deployment and making recommendations for the most effective sales deployment strategies.
  • Developing go-to-market strategies for specific sectors.
  • Spotting new revenue opportunities in aftermarket services and maintenance.
  • Finding opportunities to use technology and automation to increase efficiency and profitability.

Areas of Expertise

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Aviation & Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Distribution
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Transportation & Logistics

Examples of Engagements

  • Market Sizing and Prioritization. For a manufacturer of business equipment, Stax identified potential new markets based on an evaluation of market size and growth, the competitive landscape, and an assessment of the company’s ability to compete and win. The client used Stax’s recommendations to realign their strategies based on our quantified assessment of the market opportunity relative to their internal capabilities, and degree of investment required to realize that opportunity.

  • Cost Modeling. For an industrial manufacturer, Stax developed cost models of specific products for several key competitors, and provided quantitative metrics the client could use to gauge its own financial performance. This engagement utilized a combination of secondary analysis as well as field research to test and validate assumptions regarding sourcing, manufacturing costs, and SG&A estimates.

  • Growth Acceleration for a Private Equity-Backed Company. After an agricultural equipment company was acquired by a private equity firm, Stax was engaged by the company to conduct strategic analysis to help propel growth. Stax conducted deep market analysis on customers, competitors, and six geographic regions worldwide, including emerging markets. Stax helped frame the opportunities, prioritize them, and develop action plans to pursue the best opportunities. This analysis helped the company make decisions about which markets to enter, where to form partnerships, and where to go it alone. Development of go-to-market strategies guided the company in making decisions about where to locate sales and manufacturing resources, which products to produce, and how to price. This analysis helped lay the foundation for a successful three-year strategy. Using this analysis and strategic insights, this company grew its geographic presence, revenues, and earnings. The company was then acquired by a strategic owner, providing an attractive exit for the private equity firm.


With more than two decades of experience in the industrial & manufacturing sector, and across various sub-sectors and geographies, Stax knows this space well. We are able to conduct high-level strategic analysis and deep granular analysis to help clients drive growth and profitability.

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