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Stax works across the financial services spectrum, with deep and ongoing experience within all major industry segments. We leverage our extensive industry knowledge to clearly frame the issues, and employ in-depth analysis to empower clients to make high-impact strategic decisions.

Types of Engagements

Financial services firms engage Stax to analyze and help grow their businesses in a wide variety of ways.

  • Assessing markets, customers, segments, channels, and competition to identify and prioritize opportunities.
  • Assessing and if appropriate modifying strategic positioning.
  • Determining which segments and customers are most profitable.
  • Developing go-to-market strategies.
  • Discovering unmet needs, untapped pockets of opportunity, and areas for focused innovation.
  • Conducting multi-country market analysis to prioritize best geographic opportunities.
  • Conducting deep analysis of operational efforts to get beneath the averages, and identifying opportunities for optimal allocation of organizational resources, including sales force and marketing spend.
  • Finding opportunities to use technology and automation to increase efficiency and profitability.

Areas of Expertise

Consumer Finance

  • Loyalty Programs
  • Credit Cards
  • Pre-Paid Debit Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Investment Products & Brokerage Services
  • Financial Services for Unbanked/Under-Banked and Alternative Financial Services
  • Mobile Applications
  • Home and Auto Finance, and Alternative Lending Products

Merchant Needs

  • Merchant Acquisitions
  • Mobile Applications
  • Transaction Processing

Institutional Financial Services

  • Financial Technology (core systems, trading platforms, order systems, exchanges, etc.)
  • Asset Allocation & Management
  • Structured Products for Institutional Investors and Corporate Clients
  • Business Analytics

Examples of Engagements

  • Market Sizing, Segmentation, Assessing Opportunities. Stax assisted a financial services client identify and size the North American financial institution (FI) IT market, determine the growth outlook for IT spend in this market, segment customers, assess the company’s positioning relative to the competition, and prioritize investment opportunities. Stax reviewed secondary data of the financial institution IT industry, segments of interest, and competitors. This was supplemented by web surveys and interviews with nearly 200 customers, competitors’ customers, and industry experts. Segmentation also involved using the client’s sales data. Based on this analysis Stax provided market and segment sizes; assessed the client’s strengths and areas for improvement; and identified, prioritized, and recommended growth opportunities.

  • Strategy to Reduce Customer Churn. Although this client had experienced significant growth inits number of customers, it was also experiencing high levels of churn. Stax was engaged to conduct a detailed analysis to identify distinct customer segments, traits, and behaviors, and develop a strategy to reduce churn. Stax’s analysis found four distinct customer segments.

    Stax also helped this client better understand its business as a whole, including churn rates, performance by distribution channel, and the impact of specific product features on customer lifespan. Clearly defining customer segments and sub-segments allowed this client to more effectively target its marketing efforts and introduce strategies to retain and win back their most valuable customers.

  • Optimizing Call Center Operations. A financial services client with an innovative consumer card-based payment offering wanted to reduce the costs of live customer service agents in call centers, while maintaining high customer satisfaction. This client sought to understand the impact on customer satisfaction, revenue, and retention of different servicing processes, and desired statistical analysis to justify its investment and outsourcing/offshoring decisions.

    Stax established and quantified the links between satisfaction and revenue generation, by servicing process and customer segment. Stax also developed a “baseline” by linking external customer satisfaction research with internal account-level data analysis, and implemented a methodology to monitor and track increases or decreases in revenue and retention from operational changes. For servicing processes that were determined to be low value the client proceeded to conduct pilots of offshore call centers and self-servicing channels.


With nearly two decades of experience in financial services, across varied sub-sectors and geographies, Stax is able to help companies make critical strategic and tactical business decision.

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