Enterprise Technology Sales

Enterprise Technology Sales: Total Addressable Market or Total Addressable Person?


Looking at the changes in personal accountability within an organization — the changing needs of specific customer — is just as important as understanding the theoretical needs of the corporation. Rafi Musher, CEO of Stax, and and Paul Edwards, Director at Stax, share a few actionable insights from Stax’s work in technology with this article in ITBOB.

For most solution providers, the individual business units — not the CIO or CFO — represent the new customer within the company. And that customer wants speed, ease and access to their own information. The cloud has created greater flexibility, allowing business units to choose best-of-breed solutions.

But the decisions they make are not permanent. For that reason, solution providers must think as much about the individual pain point and allowing the user to be the IT professional as they think about selling a company-wide package.