Stax has served a diverse client base across industries and around the world.

Stax’s corporate clients range from publicly traded Fortune 100 companies in financial services, technology, manufacturing, education, and healthcare, to niche $50 million dollar companies in the portfolios of our private equity clients.

Stax’s private equity clients include 14 of the largest 20 LBO funds globally and a significant number of middle-market firms. These PE firms range in strategy from growth to leverage to credit and distressed investing.

These clients all have several things in common:

  • First, a need for fact-based answers to make strategic business decisions.
  • Second, a knowledge that Stax will get those answers quickly and effectively—and translate them into tangible next steps.
  • Third, a comfort level that we will do all this without the intrusiveness that comes as part of working with many strategy consulting firms.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"I really appreciated the way the Stax team respected our team's time, gathering the input they needed from us very quickly, then getting on with the project."

- Scott Clawson, President & CEO, Culligan International

"You helped us not only refine our business model, but also accelerate our launch by several months, which is a lifetime for a tech start-up!"

- Rajesh Anandan, UNICEF/ULTRA

"You provided value in week one, and clearly breached the wall at our firm."

- Leading Tech LBO firm

"Other firms take a week to read back to me what I told them in the first meeting. Stax teaches me something new right away."

- Principal, top 10 LBO firm

"You look at information for what it is, with an open view."

- Group Executive, major financial services firm

"Actionable, don't lose that. The big firms don't have it."

- CEO, multi-billion dollar corporation

"I've never seen anyone triage the opportunities like that."

- Principal, portfolio operations groups, top 10 LBO firm

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