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Working at Stax, you’ll be on high-profile, fast paced projects surrounding key issues of growth, profit improvement and long term sustainability. Stax’s clients range from Fortune 500 to mid-market companies, and include half of the top 20 generalist private equity firms, globally, and their portfolio companies. You’re a part of the team within Stax and working directly with clients.

Everyone at Stax has open access to the leadership, and an open invitation to suggest better ways of doing things. We want people who think about how to apply new technologies or techniques to produce better results, not only for client engagements, but also internally. Strong research, inspired insights, client engagement, and hard work are rewarded over rank and conventional wisdom. At Stax, each team member is a valued and key component of our growing company. Your work will have a direct impact and your contribution will be noticed.

We expect our consultants to take the lead on research, analysis, and debate that leads to insightful answers. We never let egos get in the way of delivering meaningful results to our clients. The give-and-take of open and respectful debate is the cornerstone of solid work and ultimate success.

We invest in opportunities for consultants to stretch and grow across function, including participation in growing client relationships and developing new client relationships. We believe that providing these opportunities for long term career growth – far ahead of the industry norms – provides unique pathways for people who enjoy consulting, excel at the role and are impatient about personal growth. We also think it’s smart business, contributing to Stax’s long term growth and adding to our great team.

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