Stax founded in Boston to serve corporate clients who require actionable, data-driven insights based on robust analysis of data.

Financial services, technology, telecom, industrials, business services and healthcare among first industries served.


Launched private-equity practice.

In parallel, corporate client base expanded, both geographically across the U.S. and in breadth of engagements.


Stax Chicago opened to serve Mid-West clients and tap into local talent.


Stax NYC opened to meet the needs of our corporate and private equity clients in the tri-state area.


Stax Colombo opened to better serve client needs in Asia.

Also used this as opportunity to develop data and analytic resources unmatched at traditional strategic consulting firms.

  • Built team of specialists in data mining and analytics to complement existing expertise in strategic consulting.


Founded in 2012, Stax Development Corporation (DevCorp) creates entirely new startup companies and forms joint ventures to address critical market needs identified by Stax’s strategic consulting practice. Our deals typically have a connection to innovative solutions that meet the interests of our corporate or investor clients in unique ways.

Stax Today

Relationships spanning a decade or longer with public and private corporations, private equity firms, their portfolio operations groups, and portfolio companies.

Global scope, with about 25% of work coming from clients in Europe and Asia and 40% having a major international component.

Seasoned management:

  • Substantive frontline experience through several market cycles
  • Comfort level with the speed of market changes
  • Understands the urgency with which management needs to adapt.

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