While our services are carefully tailored to the needs of each engagement, everything we do is driven by an approach built on several guiding principles.

  • Work closely with the client to frame the problem. Virtually any objective, no matter how ambitious, can be achieved by breaking down the broader issue into component parts and asking the right questions to solve each of them. At Stax, we have great experience in shaping this kind of collaborative triage to effectively hone in on the most critical decision points.
  • Use the client’s time efficiently; don’t “move in.” Our clients tell us that interacting with some consulting firms can become a full-time chore. We recognize that you have a day job. Stax is known for gathering the information we need to get to work very quickly, and then moving on to do our work away from your premises—no constant care and feeding required. We provide progress reports and seek feedbackat regularly scheduled intervals, but this is always done with the utmost respect for your team’s time. We work iteratively and collaboratively with our clients—seeking to share findings and learn from each other along the way rather than waiting until the end to see if the pieces come together.
  • Dig deeply to gain fact-based insights. No real solution comes from conjecture. In every case, we start with gathering all the relevant information we need, within the client’s time and other constraints, to provide a full picture of the environment relating to the issue at hand, including opportunities and key risks. At Stax, we have considerable in-house expertise to dig out the facts; a broad range of contacts from whom to gather them (including senior-level decision makers, among industry peers/competitors, players in adjacent industries, suppliers, industry experts, third-party research, and—most importantly—current and potential customers); the experience to know which of these sources are best for the specific information we’re seeking for you; and a range of language skills to draw needed insights from all over the world.
  • Identify implications. Getting a clearer picture of the environment in which you or a target company need to compete is only the first step. More important is translating the identified trends into their particular impact on the business. Based on the information we gather in our initial discussions, we’ll provide a clear assessment of where the business stands today relative to where it should be, as well as any potential roadblocks that may hinder its getting there.
  • Leave behind recommendations that are actionable. At Stax, we believe it’s not enough to simply identify and dimension the problems; you need specific action plans, supported by facts, to address them. Not only will we provide you with clear next steps, we will also strategize with you on the most effective ways to communicate the recommendations to key constituencies in order to accelerate needed buy-in, such as division management, the Board of Directors, or lenders.

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